Our High-Quality Hardwoods

Hardwoods have beautiful character and every species varies greatly from the next. We offer Cherry, Walnut, Ash, White Oak, and Maple. Learn about each of our offerings below.


The natural color of Cherry exudes a light red to reddish brown tone, changing dramatically over time to a rich, deep amber. This species is known for its subtle, organic grain pattern that peeks through each stain finish for added depth. Cherry allows for true-to-color stain finishes, making it a top choice for bespoke designs. Coalition Food & Beverage incorporated Stained Cherry square top tables in their restaurant. Explore This Look!

White Oak is America’s tried and true species. Known for its strength and character, each milled piece is marked with a deep, signature grain, adding texture and character to every bench made furniture offering. Natural White Oak is easily identifiable with its complex grain. Vallen incorporated natural and stained White Oak in their modern office. Their conference tables were stained with Aged Oak and their break room included Natural White Oak restaurant tables. Take a glimpse into their office!

Walnut has gorgeous variety with naturally occurring blonde tones in the life of the grain. Because of this dynamic character, every piece of walnut varies from the next for a truly unique wood choice. This sapwood can be more subtle with an added stain to it. Gwinnett Church incorporated Natural Walnut tables in their volunteer rooms for volunteers to create community around. See the beautiful rich and warm character they bring!

Hard Maple is a clean, tight-grained species with a uniform appearance. The classic, buttery tones of Natural Maple can transition well from rustic to contemporary settings. Dos Bros Chattanooga used Maple hardwoods for their square top restaurant tables. They handpicked a Winchester Grey stain to create a minimal and modern casual space. Look at how these tables beautifully complete this space. 

Ash is characterized by a  prominent cathedral grain pattern. The natural color of ash varies from beige to light brown, which plays well with cool color palettes and modern decor. Marietta Square Market customized the Aiden Communal table in Natural Ash to create a dining experience in their environment. See how it came to life!

We believe so deeply in hardwoods because of their quality and versatility. When investing in furniture built out of high-quality hardwoods, you can rest assured that your furniture will have longevity. Additionally, the versatility of hardwoods is beyond measure. Whether you are filling an modern office, co-working space, industrial restaurant, contemporary hotel, church, or commercial environment, our hardwood tables will bring warmth into your space.

Our hardwood offerings are NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) and AHA (Appalachian Hardware Association) approved. 

Hardwoods aren’t exactly what you are looking for? We offer other quartz table top options. Explore Our Quartz Options!


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