Our Materials

The custom furniture you buy is only as good as the materials used to create it. For all of our custom table offerings, we build them with only the highest-quality hardwoods, heavy gauge steel, and luxurious quartz to ensure your investment is worthwhile and built to last.



Our hardwood offerings include Natural Cherry, Natural White Oak, Natural Walnut, Natural Maple, and Natural Ash (as shown below). Our lumber vendors are NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) and AHA (Appalachian Hardware Association) approved. Each modern hardwood offering has a distinct, unique character that is highlighted with a natural lacquer. If the look you are wanting for your furniture doesn’t fall into one of these options, don’t fret. We offer a hardwood custom color process so your furniture can look exactly how you desire. Learn more about each species!




A glossy slab of quartz creates a modern vibe in any space. We offer two quartz options – Sigma White and Callacatta Black. This stone has incredible durability, as it is physically and chemically resistant to weathering. It is an ideal table material option for any high traffic areas like communal restaurant tables or communal workspaces. Explore our Quartz offerings!




Terrazzo is a mix of cement, sand, marble, and granite chips. We offer 6 options online, more are available upon request. Options are shown from left to right: Black Sea, Costa Mesa, Glace, Mestre Cream, San Severino, and Greylag Silver. Explore our Terrazzo options!




All of our industrial tables incorporate heavy gauge hand welded steel into the design creating a modern industrial look and feel. The steel bases are complementary amongst both of our hardwood and quartz table top options. Every table base is intricately designed and hand welded to create a cutting edge gathering place, unlike any seen before. We offer a variety of steel options including: Black, Blackened Steel, Satin Brass, and Antique White shown below. If you are thinking a different look for your base, we offer a custom color process to accommodate. Read more about our Industrial Steel options!




This is our color pallet and your starting place.

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