Napa, Napa County, California Custom Modern Industrial Furniture

Napa County can be found in the northern most portion of California. It is well known for Napa Valley, California’s most famous wine region. Napa is known for the richest wines, quality tasting rooms, and overall high class experience when visiting. It has more than 400 wineries and every season brings different reasons to come visit. It’s a perfect vacation destination!

These high quality restaurants and tasting rooms need luxury furniture to create the ultimate consumer experience. Refined Industrial Design creates luxury furniture: including tables, floating shelves, butcher block bar tops, communal dining areas, and more. These pieces ensure the experience in any hospitality environment fits the vibe and aesthetic. Invest in high quality hardwoods, metals, and custom furniture design for your dining space. Our tables at Refined Industrial Design are more than just tables, but pieces for life to be shared around.

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