Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, Custom Modern Industrial Furniture

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, otherwise known as being the country musical capital of the South. It is a city that hosts legendary music venues and museums. It is a place where many famous country artists were first discovered and found their beginning. A city with so much charm and character, for locals and visitors. Nashville is a city filled with small businesses, artists, musicians, and is home to Belmont University! Nashville is the largest metropolitan area in Tennessee.

Nashville is in close proximity of Atlanta, home to Refined Industrial Design. At RI we had the honor to create furniture for a few restaurants right outside of Nashville. Tennessee is known for its vibe and southern hospitality. We handcrafted dining tables for two Dos Bros Restaurants outside of Nashville. We used quality hardwoods, metals, and finishes for these high traffic pieces to ensure longevity of the furniture. Many meals will be hosted and experienced on these tables. Invest in tables, shelves, communal gathering areas, and furniture that will create an inviting dining experience.

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