Dos Bros Ooltewah


Dos Bros is a fast and casual Mexican restaurant focused on using local and quality ingredients to create a change in the dining experience. They exist to serve freshly prepared food created with superior ingredients.

Dos Bros creates an environment unique to every space they build. Each location has its own aesthetic and personality, differentiating every restaurant from the next. Specific to the Ooltewah project, the inspiration was for a warm, inviting, and organic space. The furniture highlights the natural tones of walnut, the cheerful golden-accented upholstery creates an upbeat feeling, and the abundance of greenery completes the fresh-feeling atmosphere.

The fast and casual dining space was given a fun flair with the yellow pepper upholstery on the booths. The tables were completed with maple hardwoods and a walnut colored finish, which beautifully emphasizes the clean and tight grain of each piece. The tables were sealed with a commercial-grade finish for longevity, ensuring quality and enjoyment for many years. The bases are a custom pedestal design with a Brushed Steel finish. The simple structure complements the entirety of the dining space.

The communal dining space is drawn together with a seventeen-foot live edge slab. A clear topcoat emphasizes the natural character and variation of the walnut flitch. The upholstered backless stools complement the grandeur of the live edge. The communal dining space extends throughout the corners of the space with a wall table handcrafted with maple hardwoods, finished with a walnut color. Variations of the Brushed Steel pedestals are consistent amongst the pieces.

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