Gwinnett Church Hamilton Mill

BUFORD, GA | 2018

“For too long, the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are for. We are FOR Gwinnett.”

Gwinnett Church exists to create a space where unchurched people feel welcome to gather and commune. They are a church that strives to show what the church is for rather than what it is against. Their space was in need of inviting furniture to cultivate a space of inclusion and community.  

Upon entrance in Gwinnett Church, an attendee is greeted by a warm group of individuals around these handcrafted reception desks. A minimal and sleek reception accentuates the initial touchpoint of the attendee and church volunteer. A plethora of reception desks are scattered throughout the church, each with rich character and detail highlighting of the natural character of furniture-grade pine.   

The guest services room is a space for volunteers to linger, refresh, and commune together. The space is filled with round-top tables, a custom standing wall table, and a bench-made volunteer cubby station. Each piece in this project was created with Natural Walnut, completed with custom Matte Black Steel bases, creating beautiful cohesiveness yet deep variety.

To maximize storage space, floating shelves were handcrafted out of Natural Walnut hardwoods. The shelving against the bright white brick walls creates a beautiful contrast in the space. Coordinating with the floating shelves, a custom made cabinet was built with a butcher block countertop. The sliding door makes storage easy and is cohesive with the clean and airy space. It hosts a quick gathering place to grab a coffee and connect with friends.

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