Horned Owl Brewing


“After years of working in the restaurant and beer industries, Joe Uhl decided to open a brewery in Kennesaw, Georgia. The goal was a local tasting room that directly serves the surrounding community with a place to enjoy a pint with family and friends. Instead of pursuing broad distribution, the people and restaurants around it would be the focus. Our family, friends, and neighbors would be the customer.”

The collection created for Horned Owl Brewing encapsulates this vision. For the indoor gathering space within the Brewery, we provided Custom High Top Communal Tables, Bar Height Metal Stools, Beer Rails on Casters, and a High Top Stationary table. For the outdoor gathering space of the Brewery, we provided Custom Round High Top Tables, Bar Height Stools, Outdoor Picnic Tables, and Adirondack chairs. 

Because of the versatility and quality of White Oak Hardwoods – both furnishings for the indoor and outdoor environment are crafted out of it. The Outdoor tables and seating options are finished to endure Outdoor Elements; whereas the indoor pieces are finished to endure high traffic. Both finishes emphasize the naturally occurring cathedral grain in the high-quality hardwoods. Each piece of furniture is supported by a hand-welded black metal base. The pieces were crafted with a simplistic structure creating a cohesive and complementary visual in this hospitality environment. 

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