Marietta Square Market


Marietta’s destination for authentic eats.

Marietta Square Market is a restored and remade warehouse space in the Historic Marietta Square. The location highlights the rich architecture and history of the downtown area. This food hall is a gathering place for people from all over to commune over good eats. The pieces created for this project were all custom designs to best accentuate and fit the unique space!

For easy and effective dining, communal gathering tables were designed. They are handcrafted out of a rich, Natural Ash and the bases are welded from a Matte Black Steel. The pieces create a modern and casual dining experience to accommodate for large meal crowds. The added benches create an opportunity to commune amongst a diverse group of individuals.

These high tops are perfect for quick bites. The round tops are crafted out of Natural Ash and the heavy cast iron base is hand welded with Matte Black Steel. The cathedral grain of the Natural Ash is vibrant and breathtaking! In the center of each piece you can find a custom Marietta Square brand. There is a beautiful contrast of the light wood choice alongside the rich, dark tones of the table branding. As these will be high traffic pieces, they are finished with a commercial-grade finish to ensure longevity.

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