Reformation Brewery Canton

CANTON,GA | 2021

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Canton, you find Reformation Brewery. “Reformation Brewery is a values-based company that believes why you drink is as important as what you drink.” Reformation is known for its quality brews and sizable, modern location to commune with friends and family!

Every piece of furniture reflects the intentional thought put into this hospitality environment. A few of our favorite detailings include the custom cup holder in the Adirondack chairs and the coordinating coffee tables with the Reformation logo in the center. These detailings show the thought put into every aspect of the customer experience. 

The custom modern Adirondack chairs and coordinating gathering coffee tables are crafted out of pressure-treated pine hardwoods with a custom finish. The standing communal high-top tables have a smooth slatted top supported by a hand-welded, powder-coated industrial base. On the exterior of the hospitality environment, you find a vibrant drink rail crafted for casual hangs. Stools are scattered around it making it easy to grab a brew solo or stand around it. This outdoor furniture is custom crafted, modern in structure, and comfortable for gathering. 

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