“We’re on a mission to empower the world to live fearlessly.”

Riskalyze exists to help investors start conversations about risk and capture it in a quantitative way to present to clients. Riskalyze values delight, focus, communication, and teamwork. The furniture created for this project was built to embody these values and create a plethora of spaces for them to flourish. For more productive meeting areas to ensure their team is collaborating in the best, most effective way.

Conference rooms created for productivity and collaboration: two vital efforts for any successful business. The large conference table tops were constructed out of Natural Maple, a high quality hardwood. The Matte Black Steel base supports the communal conference style table. Riskalyze incorporated intentional customizations in every piece they ordered. This included a custom made hexagonal wood inlay in the center of every piece, mirroring their business logo. Alongside the custom inlays included added wire management to accommodate large meetings.

These rooms were designed with the intention of small, intimate meetings and gatherings amongst employees. The round pedestal meeting tables are handcrafted of Natural Maple hardwoods and Matte Black Steel bases. These smaller pieces are cohesive with the larger, rectangular conference tables throughout the office including the center table personalizations and overall look.   

A custom shape table was designed for this specific nook in the office to host a solo break time or small gatherings. The wood, metal, and center customization coincides with the remaining pieces in the office, displaying the natural grain and character of the wood. The vibrant color block on the wall emphasizes the beauty of the Natural Maple alongside the Matte Black Steel base.


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