Shade Street Food


“Local and Global Flavor, Street Style. Shade Street Food delivers a high-energy dining experience where street art meets street food.”

With an urban space and eclectic menu, Shade Street Food creates a dining experience unlike any other. The entire restaurant is furnished and brought together with custom, handcrafted pieces. From the bar top to the floating shelves and dining tables, each component of this project was built with the highest quality hardwoods and metals.

This bar area will host many signature cocktails and quality conversations. The butcher block top is built of solid walnut, an American hardwood finished with a custom dark stain and commercial-grade protective coating. Behind the bar, handcrafted floating shelves can be found. A modern look for bar storage, highlighting the large selection of offerings. The rich walnut against the deep black walls and neon lighting creates an exquisite, moody contrast.

The dining area in Shade Street is filled with a plethora of dark walnut, sleek square and rectangular top tables. Each table has a custom, orange side detailing. The vibrant side banding alongside the dynamic graffiti wall art creates an enthusiastic ambiance. The modesty and elegance of the Matte Black Steel bases is complementary to the character of the tables.  

A counter-height drink table is nestled between the bar and casual dining area. It capitalizes on the restaurant space as it is a versatile gathering piece which can be used for dining or grabbing drinks. The Rusted Steel Metal base has deep, gritty detailing and character. The mixed mediums throughout the space accentuate the urban feel.

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