Our Quartz Options

A glossy, luxurious slab of quartz change transform a space. This stone is a modern and contemporary material that is trending in design. Quartz is incredibly durable and sustainable as it doesn’t weather. The maintenance is very low, making your quartz table very easy to care for.



Sigma White is a clean and modern quartz option for your space. It is cozy and design forward. It is highly scratch resistant and easily cleanable. The resin fill is light creating a very cohesive look.


Callacatta Black is our darker quartz option. We could see this bring a moody, modern restaurant or an industrial office workspace to life. It’s undeniably beautiful and will transform every space it is in. The contrast of the black with the white resin filled cracks between creates an exquisite and unique look.


We offer full and partial quartz top table customization depending on the look you prefer. This contemporary stone could be fitting for a conference table, communal workspace, restaurant dining area, co-working business, hotel lobby, or a corporate office needing some fresh, modern furniture.  The aesthetic and quality of a quartz table will transform your space. 


If quartz isn’t the material you are looking for – explore our hardwood options!



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